Dog Boarding

Corgi laying in dog bed.

Suite Doggy Digs

At the Paw Print Inn, owners can select from a wide variety of luxury accommodations to make their pets feel right at home. Each suite offers all of the services you expect from Michigan’s most luxurious pet resort:

●       Morning and Afternoon group play

●       Daily housekeeping

●       Room service

●       PETCOT bedding

●       Premium Meals – up to three times a day

●       Four potty breaks

●       Soothing background music

●       Climate-controlled surroundings


These are just some of the standard amenities we offer to help ensure the comfort and safety of our Simply Pawfect guests.

If you are looking for dog boarding in Michigan, we provide an unparalleled luxury dog boarding experience. Your canine companion will spend time in a comfortable suite and you can keep an eye on him or her with our online pet webcam. Choose from a variety of a la carte options, allowing your dog to enjoy some extra special attention. We pride ourselves on making our facility a home away from home for your pet. 


Club Suites

Your dog will love our spacious, bright, powder-coated Club Suites with raised orthopedic cots. In addition, owners have the opportunity to view their pets on our community webcams.  All Club Suite guests enjoy two complementary daily play sessions and a gourmet bedtime biscuit. Club Suites range from 24 to 72 square feet and can accommodate multiple pet families.

Dog being fed a treat.

Signature Suites

For the most discriminating guests, we offer large Signature Suites that feature sound-proofed walls, glass privacy doors, in-suite television programming, webcams for private viewing*, and orthopedic cots.  All Signature Suite guests enjoy two complementary daily play sessions and a gourmet bedtime biscuit. Paw Print Inn’s Signature Suites range from 36 to 60 square feet and can accommodate multiple pet families.
*additional $5 per day

●       Club Suite 4 x 6 for guests up to 40 lbs

●       Club Suite 6 x 12 for multiple pets or large breeds only

●       Pet guests will be placed in the appropriately sized suite for their well-being

●       During their stay boarding guests must complete a successful Meet & Greet evaluation in order to be eligible for group play

●       All of our canine guests are served premium lamb and rice dog food during their stay. This specific blend of meat, grains, and nutrients has been chosen for its high palatability and digestibility making it the perfect match for our boarding guests. Both dry and canned formulas are available. Meals are served in the morning for those guests fed once a day and, additionally, in the late afternoon for those requesting meals twice a day. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special requirements.

●       You may choose to provide your own food (at no additional charge) however; kibble must be put in per-serving baggies with your pet's name on each bag.

Woman holding french bulldog puppy on the beach.

A La Carte Activities & Treats

The Paw Print Inn is pleased to offer optional services for guests who desire extra amenities during their luxury dog boarding stay.


We’ve combined some of our most popular a la carte services into Suite Doggy Deals that complement our inclusive boarding rates, adding priceless value to your pet’s stay. Please see our Form for details.

Brown dog yawning while laying in white bed.


Private Play Session

A one-on-one exercise session customized for your pet

$7 for 15 minutes


Cuddles & Pats

We will spend time in your dog’s suite providing lots of TLC and pats

$7 for 15 minutes


Bedtime Story & Tuck-In

At the nd of the night, a pet technician will read your pet a soothing story before tucking them in for a good night’s sleep

$7 for 15 minutes


Vacation Photos Emailed

A happy reminder that your pet is vacationing too!

$5 each


Brush & Massage

Your pet will receive a relaxing brushing and massage. The perfect ending to an activity-filled day.

$7 for 15 minutes


Frozen “Bichon Freeze” Treat

Pets love ice cream! Especially our delicious and refreshing frozen treat made just for them

$4 each


Stuffed Kong

A strong rubber toy is stuffed with a delicious treat to keep your pet entertained for hours

$4 each


Gourmet Pupcake Treat

These delectable peanut butter pupcakes are a hit with all dogs! Made with fresh, all-natural, and organic human-grade ingredients, soy and corn free, with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. Our pupcakes are moist and so yummy.

$4 each


Bottled Spring Water

Pure and refreshing - simply the finest available


Dalmation leading walking dogs.


Your discriminating pet deserves a gourmet dinner during their stay. Unlike ordinary dog kennels, our specialty meals have fresh, natural, and superior ingredients that will make dinner time a mouth-watering feast.


Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

Whole chicken drumettes with fresh carrots, peas, and pasta.

$7 each